Lab-Aid 824s Nucleic Acid Extraction System


Fully automated DNA/RNA purification from 1-24 samples in one run

Product Detail

The product is proprietarily developed by Xiamen ZEESAN Biotech Co., Ltd, which is applicable for isolation and purification of nucleic acid from clinical samples. The system adopts the mode of the 10-tubes cartridge, and is equipped with the functions of heating, UV disinfection, negative pres-sure of extraction operating room, etc. that is, able to process 1~24 samples in a single run. The instrument has the characteristics of short extraction time, high extraction efficiency, high level of automation and suitable for various nucleic acid extraction kit of magnetic beads method. The intel-lectualized designed process is controlled by software completely that would auto-complete the nu-cleic acid isolation and purification process, which save the time and energy of laboratory technician and make the nucleic acid extraction simple. The system can be widely used in fields of clinical in vitro diagnosis.
The instrument is composed of mechanical parts (including vibration module, magnetic rod module, magnetic rod sleeve module and module of compartment entrance and exit doors) and electrical parts (including control module and heating module).




The magnetic rod adopted in the extraction module of the instrument is a permanent magnet, which drives the movement of the magnetic rod frame and the magnetic rod sleeve through mechanical transmission. Through the up-and-down movement of the magnetic rod sleeve, the sample is uniformly mixed, cracked, combined, washed and eluted in the proper nucleic acid extraction kit with the magnetic bead method. The transfer of magnetic beads and magnetic bead-target compound is realized by the coordinated movement of magnetic rod and magnetic rod sleeve. Through the sepa-ration of magnetic rod and magnetic rod sleeve, the release of magnetic beads and magnetic bead-target compound can be done. Working with the relevant nucleic acid extraction kit with the magnetic bead method, the nucleic acid extraction system can run the corresponding software program, and automatically complete the isolation and purification process of nucleic acids.




Sample Throughput 1-24 samples
Shaking mixing Adjustable, with multiple modes and positions
Sample processing time 20-50 minutes per run, depending on protocols
Disinfection function Gating UV disinfection with timing
Power supply AC 100V-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power 200 VA
Dimensions 560 mm×450 mm×480 mm
Weight 40 kg


Compatible Kits


Cat. No. Product
606101 Lab-Aid 824s Blood DNA Extraction Kit
606103 Lab-Aid 824s DNA Extraction Kit
606104 Lab-Aid Virus RNA Extraction Kit
606106 Total RNA Blood Kit (Lab-Aid)
604106 Lab-Aid 824 HPV DNA Extraction Kit
604109 Lab-Aid 824 MTB DNA Extraction Kit


CE-IVD Marked


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