Sanity 2.0 System


Fully automated and integrated molecular diagnostic platform for the detection of TB/MDR, NTM, HPV, STI, respiratory pathogens, etc.

Sample in, result out

Product Detail

Based on the principle of real-time PCR detection, the product is used together with dedicated testing reagents for clinical qualitative detection of target nucleic acids (DNA / RNA) from human samples, including pathogens and human genes.

In the process of sample detection, the system will perform in the following steps:

  • Nucleic acid extraction with magnetic beads;
  • Transfer the extracted and purified nucleic acid sample and sealant to the testing kit;
  • Start the real-time PCR detection.


A wide range of diagnostic tests can be run on Sanity 2.0 System, including tuberculosis (TB/MDR), NTMrespiratory pathogen panels (RPP), HPV, STI, etc. Please refer to the corresponding pages.




The product is mainly composed of control unit, hot lid unit, thermal cycle unit, photoelectric unit, transmission unit (including nucleic acid extraction module and access board module), power supply unit, barcode scanner, embedded software (release version: V2.1), aiming to meet the requirements of real-time fluorescent PCR and melting curve analysis.

The product adopts the fully-closed pre-assembled testing reagent mode, which can automatically split the sample, combine the target nucleic acid with magnetic beads, wash and elute the nucleic acid in the pre-assembled extraction reagent kit. After nucleic acid extraction, the extracted and purified nucleic acid solution is automatically added into the PCR detection tube with the cooperation of mechanical components and software control system. Then, under the control of software, the sample detection based on real-time fluorescent PCR analysis system is completed automatically. After the sample test, the software system automatically analyzes the test data and generates the test report.




Dimensions 260 mm×540 mm×570 mm
Weight 30 kg
Power Supply AC 100 V-240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power 600 VA
Sample Throughput 1~4 samples
Sample Volume 1 μL~2000 μL
Pipetting Range 0 μL~200 μL
Pipetting Accuracy ≤4% (25 μL)
Technology Magnetic-particle technology
PCR Reaction System 15 μL~100 μL
Heating Rate ≥5.0℃/s
Cooling Rate ≥3.5℃/s
Temperature Accuracy ≤0.1℃
Temperature Uniformity between Wells ±0.1℃
Applicable Probe / Dye Channel 1: FAM / SYBR Green
Channel 2: VIC / HEX / JOE / TET / TAMRA / Cy3
Channel 3: ROX / Texas Red
Channel 4: CY5
Disinfection Function Time gated UV disinfection


 CE-IVD Marked


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