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Company Overview in Numbers

  • ISO
  • m Certificated Clean Factory
  • Founded in
  • Supplies to Over Countries
  • Mission

    Advance molecular diagnostic tools to unlock the valuable medical insights encoded in the basic building blocks of human body – nucleic acids, making a difference in improving early detection of diseases, precise treatment and prognosis monitoring.



    We are ambitious to bring our unique and reliable solutions to clinical healthcare from all over the world, working towards a future where everyone has access to timely diagnosis for prevention and life-changing treatment.


    Our Technology

  • Multicolor

    multiple probes

  • Melting

    melt curve analysis

  • Curve

    each mutation has its Tm

  • Analysis

    single step like
    real-time PCR

  • *MMCA-based multplex PCR platform has been granted several International invention patents.

    Patented Multicolor Melting Curve Analysis (MMCA®) overcomes the limitations of conventional RT-PCR in terms of the maximum number of detectable targets (usually between 2-5, depending on the number of fluorescence channels) in one tube.

    *Huang et al, PNAS, 2022

    MMCA 2D Label = Fluorescence Channels + Melting Curve

    12 targets/channel X 6 fluorescence channels

    With MMCA®, up to 72 targets can be detected simultaneously in one tube. As short as 40 minutes to result

    Our History

  • 2010


    ● Xiamen Zeesan Biotech Co., Ltd. was established.
    ● Zeesan obtained the Medical Device Manufacturing License issued by National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), China.

  • 2011


    ● Zeesan obtained the Medical Device Distribution License issued by NMPA, China.

  • 2012


    ● Zeesan was awarded -The National High-Tech Enterprise in China -Xiamen Double-Hundred Innovative Enterprises -China High-Potential Startup Company.

  • 2013


    ● Zeesan was certified to ISO 9001 standard and ISO 13485 medical device development and manufacturing standards.
    ● Two drug-resistant TB kits got NMPA approval.
    ● Saliva sample collection kits were launched.

  • 2014


    ● Zeesan was officially listed in China's New Third Board.
    ● Non-deletional α-thalassemia detection kit got NMPA approval.

  • 2015


    ● Zeesan was awarded (Xiaman Innovative Enterprise, Xiamen Incubator Successful Enterprise).
    ● One nucleic acid extractor was launched.

  • 2016


    ● Zeesan's drug resistance TB test was selected as "2016 China Top10 Medical Science and Technology News".
    ● The development of Zeesan's drug resistance TB tests were included in national "12th Five-Year" major projects.
    ● Three drug resistance TB test kits got NMPA approval.

  • 2017


    ● The development of Zeesan's drug resistance TB tests were included in national "13th Five-Year" major projects.
    ● Deletional α-thalassemia detection kit got NMPA approval.
    ● Zeesan was awarded first prize of Xiamen invention patents.

  • 2018


    ● Lab-Aid 824s and Lab-Aid 808 Nucleic Acid Extraction System were launched.
    ● Lab-Aid 824s DNA Extraction Kit was launched.
    ● HPV genotyping kits got NMPA approval.
    ● Leukemia fusion gene screening kit was launched.

  • 2019


    ● Zeesan was awarded “Xiamen Fast-growing SME”.
    ● Lab-Aid 960 Nucleic Acid Extraction System was launched.

  • 2020


    ● 36 CE-certified products were approved to export to outside China, including Asia, Europe and Americas regions.
    ● Zeesan was awarded "Specialized and Sophisticated SME".

  • 2021


    ● Sanity 2.0 System got NMPA approval.
    ● Zeesan Medical Laboratory was established.
    ● The founder Prof. Li Qingge was awarded "Xiamen Top10 Influential Person in Strategic Emerging Industries".

  • 2022


    ● Zeesan was awarded "Fujian Nucleic Acid Detection Research Center".
    ● Zeesan was awarded "Xiamen Key Laboratory for Multi-target and Automated Nucleic Acid Detection".
    ● Mycobacteria identification kit got NMPA approval.

  • 2023


    ● The NMPA Class III registration for MDR-TB test kit is in progress.
    ● Zeesan is actively expanding overseas markets, products completed registration in Indonesia (3 products), Malaysia (3 products), Thailand (12 products), the registration in other countries are ongoing.

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