SLAN-96S Real-Time PCR System


Real-time PCR thermal cycler with 4 fluorescence channels for up to 96 samples

Product Detail

The SLAN®-96S real-time PCR system is used to perform Real-time PCR experiments and analyze experiments results; With appropriate reagents, the SLAN®-96S real-time PCR system performs quick and accurate qualitative or quantitative detection of target nucleic acids extracted from samples (e.g. blood, body fluid or other materials), or discriminate the target nucleic acids’ melting curve or genotype.
The SLAN®-96S real-time PCR system is used exclusively within a laboratory and its users should be trained in PCR technology and instrument operation and be familiar with related operations.

The instrument can perform PCR amplification and real-time fluorescence monitoring of each tube simultaneously. After amplification, the SLAN®-96S operating software will analyze the amplification data; perform qualitative/quantitative analysis or melting curve analysis, and display and print results for each sample automatically, for example, the initial concentration.


A wide range of Zeesan diagnostic testing kits is validated with SLAN systems.


Main Applications


  • Detection of clinical pathogens
  • Basic scientific research
  • Genetic screening
  • Food hygiene inspection
  • Customhouse import & export quarantine inspection
  • Public health and epidemiology
  • Detection of animal and plant pathogens




Power Supply 230V~, 50Hz
Dimensions (W×D×H) 386×534×258mm
Weight 18 Kg
Energy Consumption < 850VA
Noise Level < 55 dB (A)
Number of Samples 96 × 0.2mL
Sample Volume 15 ~ 50μl
Temperature Range 4 ~ 99 ℃
Accuracy of Temperature ± 0.10 ℃
Uniformity of Temperature ± 0.10 ℃
Max. Ramp Rate 4.0℃/s
Heating/cooling Method Peltier and Joule
Hot Lid Automatic Hot Lid
Power-off Protection Yes
Segments in each Program Max. 9
Holding Time of each Step 00:01~ 99:99 (mm: ss)
Number of Channels 4, extendable to 6
Dye/probe to be detected FAM, SYBR-Green, HEX, JOE, VIC, ROX, Texas-Red, Cy5
Sensitivity ≥ one copy
Range of Linearity 100 ~ 1010 copies/mL
Reproducibility CV< 1.00%


CE-IVD Marked


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