MeltPro® Low Risk HPV Genotyping Assay


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Identification of 14 low-risk HPV types

Product Detail

This HPV test kit is a qualitative in vitro test used for HPV genotyping using cervical cells collected by swab, TCT or LCT. This test utilizes Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for DNA amplification and nucleic acid hybridization for the detection of low-risk HPV types in one reaction. This test specifically identifies 14 low-risk HPV types, including HPV-11, HPV-6, HPV-53, HPV-26, HPV-42, HPV-69, HPV-81, HPV-43, HPV-40, HPV-72, HPV-44, HPV-61, HPV-54 and HPV-70.
The test is indicated to use with cervical cytology to adjunctively screen to assess the presence of low risk HPV types in women age 30 and older.




The HPV test kit is based on the technology of multi-color melting curve analysis (MMCA). HPV genotypes are identified by the different Tm values of hybridizing PCR products with the fluorescent probes. Several HPV type-specific probes are designed with the same fluorophore and quencher that will be detected in one single channel. It was designed that the Tm value of each probe-target hybrid differs with varied length and G/C content of the probe. According to this design, 14 low-risk HPV genotypes can be accurately distinguished in a single reaction.


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