HPV DNA Extraction Kit (Sanity 2.0)


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HPV DNA Extraction Kit (Sanity 2.0)

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HPVDNA Extraction Kit (Sanity 2.0) is designed for automated isolation and purification of nucleic acids from cervical secretions with magnetic particle technology. The product is intended to be used by professional users, such as technicians and physicians who are trained in molecular biological techniques. The product in combination with Sanity 2.0 System provides high-quality nucleic acids for downstream applications, such as amplification or other enzymatic reactions. The Sanity 2.0 System performs all steps of the sample preparation product for 1 to 4 samples in a single run.





The Sanity 2.0 System is an automated system that integrates specimen extraction and purification, PCR amplification, signal generation and optical detection. Once the user loads the specimen into the extraction loading well and starts the run, all other operations are automated on the instrument. The software preloaded in the instrument will collect and analyze data, and automatically generate interpretation for test reports at the end of the run.
The automated purification of nucleic acids is based on magnetic particle technology, which combines the speed and efficiency of the instrument with the convenient handling of magnetic particles. The purification procedure is designed to ensure safe and reproducible handling of potentially infectious samples. The purification procedure comprises 4 steps: lysis, binding, washing and elution.
Lysis: The samples are lysed first with lysis buffer to release the nucleic acids.
Binding: Binding buffer is added to the lysed samples to adjust binding conditions. Lysates are thoroughly mixed with magnetic particles to allow optimal adsorption of nucleic acid to the silica surface. Salt and pH conditions ensure that protein and other contaminants, which can inhibit PCR and other downstream enzymatic reactions, are not bound to the magnetic particles.
Washing: While the nucleic acids remain bound to the magnetic particles, contaminants are efficiently washed away during a sequence of wash steps.
Elution: Highly pure nucleic acids are eluted in elution buffer.


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