Del-HBA-T Test Kit


48 Tests/Kit

Detection of 4 deletions in human α-globin gene (HBA), including –SEA, -α4.2, –THAI and -α3.7

Product Detail

The Del-HBA-T Test Kit is a qualitative kit for detecting of 4 deletions in human α-globin gene (HBA), including –SEA, -α4.2, –THAI and -α3.7. The kit is for use on DNA samples extracted from human peripheral blood and will provide a qualitative assessment of mutation status. The results obtained from the test aids researchers in determining correlations between mutations and thalassemia.




The test is based on the technology of multi-color melting curve analysis (MMCA). Mutations are identified by the different Tm values of hybridizing PCR products with the fluorescent probes. According to this design, 4 deletions of HBA gene can be accurately detected in two reactions with Del-HBA-T PCR Mix A and Del-HBA-T PCR Mix B.


For Research Use Only


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