PML-RARα Genotyping Kit


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Differentiate three splice variants associated with leukemia including PML-RARα L, PML-RARα S and PML-RARα V

Product Detail

PML-RARα Genotyping Kit is a qualitative in vitro diagnostic test for differentiating of PML-RARα L, PML-RARα S and PML-RARα V three splice variants with leukemia. The kit detects RNA transcripts of fusion genes extracted from human bone marrow or whole blood samples with PML-RARα. The results obtained from the kit provides more information of PML-RARα to professionals for comprehensive consideration associated with patient condition, drug indication, therapeutic response and other detection findings.




PML-RARα Genotyping Kit is a RT-qPCR based assay for differentiating the subtype of L, S and V. Included in the kit are RT reaction mix and qPCR mix. cDNA is synthesized by adding purified total RNA to the RT reaction mix. The resulting cDNA is added to qPCR reaction tube, which contain specific PCR primers and probes for detection of fusion genes and an internal control gene of GUSB. The qPCR is performed in a real-time thermal cycler with optical filters for the detection of FAM, HEX, ROX and Cy5 fluorescence signals. Amplification plots and the resulting Cq (Quantification cycle) values are used for the identification of the fusion gene subtype. Detection of the GUSB gene is an internal control for the integrity of the RNA sample and functionality of both cDNA and qPCR reactions.


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