MeltPro® ALDH2 Test

MeltPro® ALDH2 Test

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MeltPro® ALDH2 Test

The test is used for qualitative detection of ALDH2*2(c.1510G>A)gene in DNA isolating from human peripheral blood. The
test is based on polymerase chain reaction and nucleic acid hybridization.
Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 is a key enzyme in the metabolism of nitroglycerin, a common drug for the treatment for acute
angina pectoris. According to the genotypes, individuals can be classified as ALDH2 *1/*1, ALDH2 *1/*2 and ALDH2 *2/*2,
respectively. It is well established that ALDH2*2 allele causes lower acetaldehyde dehydrogenase activity than ALDH2*1.

The results obtained from the test only provide references to researchers for comprehensive consideration associated with
patient condition, drug indication, therapeutic response and other detection findings.

The test is based on the technology of fluorescence melting curve analysis (MCA). ALDH2 genotypes are identified by the
different T m values of hybridizing PCR products with the fluorescent probes.

Special PCR Freeze-dry reagent:
1, Easy to use: pre-loaded kit
2, Easy to ship: transport at room temperature

Intended Use: For research use only.

Features Specifications
Size 48 tests/kit
Sample peripheral blood and saliva
PCR instrument SLAN 96s
Storage 2°C ~ -8°C
Shelf Life 6 months

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