Lab-Aid 824s Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Lab-Aid 824s Nucleic Acid Extraction System


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The Lab-Aid 824s Nucleic Acid Extraction System is proprietarily developed by Xiamen ZEESAN Biotech Co., Ltd, which is applicable for isolation and purification of nucleic acid from various medical and biological samples. The system adopts the mode of the 10-tubes cartridge, and is equipped with the functions of heating, UV disinfection, negative pressure of extraction operating room, etc. that is able to process 1~24 samples in a single run. The instrument has the characteristics of short extraction time, high extraction efficiency, high level of automation and suitable for various nucleic acid extraction kit of magnetic beads method. The intellectualized designed process is controlled by software completely that would auto-complete the nucleic acid isolation and purification process, which save the time and energy of laboratory technician and make the nucleic acid extraction simple. The system can be widely used in
fields of clinical gene research, molecular biological experiment and medicolegal expertise, etc.

1~24 samples in a single run and the sample volume that can be loaded is 1µL~2000µL.
Processing Time:
20~50 minutes for a single run under normal condition.
Safety performance:
meet relevant requirements of IEC 61010.
Software function:
operating on the touch screen; adjustable oscillation speed and distance; editable extraction method; visible current running step.
SLAN 96s
The UV lamps can be timed on and off.


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