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  • Post time:Nov-02-2021

    According to Annual Report for National Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring (2018), the National Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Network received 1.499 million copies of the Adverse Drug Reaction/Event Reporting Form [1]. The National ADR Monitoring Network cumulatively received 13.68 million cop...Read more »

  • Post time:Sep-30-2021

      On September 18, 2021, Zeesan’s MeltPro® HLA-B*15:02 Test received GXZZ 20213400740 certificate from NMPA. The multicolor melting curve analysis-based (MMCA®) test kit is used for determination of whether a patient carries HLA-B*15:02 gene through in vitro qualitative test, and population carry...Read more »

  • Post time:Jun-07-2021

    Established in June 2010, Zeesan is an innovative company with the underlying PCR technology. It has established “Multicolor Melting Curve Analysis”, “Magnetic Bead (MB)-based Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform” and “Automatic Instrumentation Integration Platform̶...Read more »

  • Post time:Mar-23-2021

    In Brazil, from 3 January 2020 to 3:59pm CET, 22 March 2021, there have been 11,950,459 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 292,752 deaths, reported to WHO. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Xiamen Zeesan Biotech Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zeesan Biotech”) has exported COVID-1...Read more »

  • Post time:Feb-25-2021

    Introduction to SARS-CoV-2 variants Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 has continued to undergo mutations. According to reports, SARS-CoV-2 usually accumulates mutations at a rate of 1-2 mutations per month. This means that many of the SARS-CoV-2 genomes measured now are about 20 site...Read more »

  • Post time:Jul-31-2020

    As of July 31st, 17,727,893 people globally have been infected by the novel coronavirus, more than 200 thousand new cases are indentified each day. Compare to July 30th, 67,789 new cases in the United States, 57,837 new cases in Brazil, 56,799 new cases in India and 5,468 new cases in Russia. The...Read more »

  • Post time:May-09-2020

    This means that our complete set of COVID-19 nucleic acid test can now be exported. We have a full set of CE certificates and FSC, a full set of NMPA certificates except the detection reagents, and many of them have obtained FDA EUA. Welcome to inquire: 0086-592-7615091 / 18606098912(Wenhan Wang). Read more »

  • Post time:Mar-15-2020

    In Brazil, from 3 January 2020 to 2:44pm CET, 10 March 2021, there have been 11,051,665 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 266,398 deaths, reported to WHO. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Xiamen Zeesan Biotech Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zeesan Biotech”) has exported COVID-1...Read more »

  • Post time:Dec-30-2019

    Welcome to visit Zeesan Biotech at MEDLAB Date: 03-06 February, 2020 Stand No.: Hall Z2/E30 Location: Dubai World Trade Center/ UAE Products on show:  Comprehensive Detection Platform for Tuberculosis: MDR-TB/XDR-TB (drug-resistant TB assays for more than 10 drugs), Mycobacteria Identificatio...Read more »

  • Post time:Sep-30-2019

    Welcome to visit Zeesan Biotech at MEDICA 2019 Date: 18-21 November Stand No.: Hall 1/G53  Location: Düsseldorf / Germany Products on show:  Saliva DNA Sample collection kit: for DTC genetic testing Lab-Aid 824s DNA extraction system: Lab-Aid 824 upgraded version with high DNA concentration Leu...Read more »

  • Post time:Jul-03-2019

    Welcome to visit Zeesan Biotech at The 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo Date: 4-8 August Stand No.: Hall B  3326 Location: Anaheim Convention Center, 800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802, United States About AACC Since 1949, American Association for Clinical Chemistry...Read more »

  • Post time:May-29-2019

    May 29, 2019 By GenomeWeb Staff Reporter NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – An evaluation of an HPV typing assay from Zeesan Biotech has shown the firm’s test kit can be incorporated successfully into an inexpensive screening protocol and run near patients in a low-resource setting. Among a population ...Read more »

  • Post time:Mar-22-2019

    Welcome to visit Zeesan Biotech at CACLP (16th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo)  Date: 22-24 March Stand No.: HallA7 – T15 Location: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center, China About CACLP Since 1991, CACLP Expo is now the largest, most professional and most...Read more »

  • Post time:Oct-26-2018

    Zeesan Biotech announced that China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has approved its MeltPro® High Risk HPV Genotyping Assay recently. The assay is based on the Multicolor Melting Curve Analysis (MMCA®) technology owned by Zeesan. The unique features distinguish this assay from its counterpar...Read more »

  • Post time:Oct-12-2018

    Welcome to visit Zeesan Biotech at MEDICA 2018 . Date: 12-15 November Stand No.: Hall16, A02-1 Venue: Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre Key products:  Real-time PCR kits on:  Leukemia (CE) , HPV (CE) , Tuberculosis (CE) and Pharmacogenomics  Sample collection kit: Saliva DNA sample collection kit (...Read more »

  • Post time:Apr-09-2018

    Welcome to visit Zeesan Biotech at Health Asia 2018 . Date: 10-12 April Stand No.: Hall1, A132 Venue: Lahore Expo Center, Pakistan Key products: Integrated molecular diagnostics system for Tuberculosis: Lab-Aid 824 Nucleic Acid Extraction System Slan 96s PCR instrument Real-time PCR kits: MDR/X...Read more »

  • Post time:Dec-15-2017

    Welcome to visit Zeesan Biotech at MEDLAB 2018 . Date: 5-8 February Stand No.: Z1.H30 Venue: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre Key products: DNA automated extraction system,  Real-time PCR kits for MDR/XDR-TB , HPV, HBB , and etc. For further information, please contact  i...Read more »

  • Post time:Oct-13-2017

    October 12, to share recent developments in research and technology innovation, progress in TB diagnostics, prevention and anti-TB therapy in China, the Chinese Anti-tuberculosis Association held a Satellite Session during the 48th Union Conference on Lung Health in Guadalajara, Mexico. Zeesan Bi...Read more »

  • Post time:Sep-12-2017

    Welcome to visit Zeesan Biotech at Indonesian Int’l HOSPITAL 2017 . Date: 18-21 October Stand No.: HB-154 Venue: Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia For further information, please contact Read more »

  • Post time:Jun-06-2017

    Zeesan Biotech announced today that China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has approved the  MeltPro® Del- HBA Test. The kits is to detect three gene mutations common in Chinese population, which are related to Deletional α-Thalassemia. About Zeesan Biotech Xiamen Zeesan Biotech Co., Ltd. is a...Read more »


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