Who we are

Since 2010, Zeesan Biotech is a rapidly growing biomedical company specialized in the development and production of molecular diagnostics related kits, instruments and reagents. The headquarters of Zeesan are located in Xiamen Torch Industry Park (Xiang’an) and it has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and New Jersey (USA). Zeesan is a technology-driven company that prides itself on its scientific excellence. From our leading MeltPro® series molecular diagnostics products to our well-recognized automated DNA extraction machines and to our highly praised visible-light gel electrophoresis system, each of our products embodies the creativity of our excellent scientists, who are working hard to continuously bring novel products to the China and world markets. Zeesan now has over 1700 square meters Certificated Clean Factory building equipped with advanced instruments and core facilities. The production process is strictly regulated by the IVD Quality Management System (13485 equivalent system in China), which forms the solid base for the high quality of our products.

Zeesan holds the mission of “For Life We Care” and is committed to the development and marketing the best products for molecular diagnostics. The major products of our company are now widely used in hospitals, CDC, CIQ, and universities etc. As a translational base for Research Engineering Centre of Molecular Diagnostics, Ministry of Education (China), our company also plays an active role bridging collaborations between industry, academy and research. The status of Zeesan is already recognized as being the undertaker of several important national projects in China, such as the Important National Science & Technology Specific Project and the National High Technology Research and Development Program (‘‘863’’ Program).

Zeesan PCR laboratory




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