MeltPro® Mycobacterium Tuberculosis McSpoligotyping Kit

MeltPro® Mycobacterium Tuberculosis McSpoligotyping Kit

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MeltPro® Mycobacterium Tuberculosis McSpoligotyping Kit

Mycobacterium tuberculosis McSpoligotyping Test Kit is suitable for rapid detection and genotyping of
Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates.

Principle of Probe-Based Melting Curve Analysis
Probe-based melting curve analysis is based on melting temperature generated by thermal denaturation of
the probe-target hybrid. Melting curve plot of fluorescence (F) versus temperature (T) is transformed into
melting peak by plotting -dF/dT versus temperature. The hybridization probe with fully matched wild-type
target gives the highest Tm value. With matched mutant-type target, it gives the lower Tm value.
Mutation is detected as Tm deviation (△Tm ) compared to the wild-type hybrid.

Intended use: for research use only.

Features Specifications
Size 32 tests/kit
Sample Cultured Mycobacterium tuberculosis specimens or sputum samples
PCR instrument Zeesan SLAN96
Storage -18°C
Shelf Life 12 months

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