MeltPro® Mycobacteria Identification Kit

MeltPro® Mycobacteria Identification Kit

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MeltPro® Mycobacteria Identification Kit 

Mycobacteria identification Kit is suitable for rapid identification of 19 common Mycobacterial species in
clinical and environment sample.

Mycobacteria identification Kit is based on the Probe-based Melting Curve Analysis. According to the
specific ITS sequence, 19 common Mycobacterium species are identified. Moreover, anexogenous in-
ternal control was added in the system for amplification quality control.

Intended use: CE marked for IVD use in Europe.

Features Specifications
Size 48 tests/kit
Sample Cultured Mycobacterium tuberculosis specimens or sputum samples
PCR instrument Zeesan SLAN96
Storage -18°C
Shelf Life 12 months

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