Leukemia Fusion Genes (Q30) Screening Kit

Leukemia Fusion Genes (Q30) Screening Kit

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Leukemia Fusion Genes (Q30) Screening Kit 

Leukemia Fusion Genes (Q30) Screening Kit is a qualitative in vitro diagnostic test for screening of 30 fusion genes
resulted from chromosome translocations involved in chronic and acute leukemia. All the 30 fusion genes include more than
155 clinically relevant chromosomal breakpoints [1-9] . The kit detects RNA transcripts of fusion genes extracted from human
bone marrow or whole blood samples using a RT-qPCR procedure.

The fusion gene detected by the kit allows professionals to be more aware of the patient`s prognosis and provides
professionals important insights into the treatment planning.

The kit detects the following 30 chromosome translocations (Table 1):


Intended use: 

For research use only

CE marked for IVD use in Europe

Features Specifications
Size 20 tests/kit
Sample bone marrow, whole blood and cell line
PCR instrument SLAN 96s
Storage -25°C ~ -18°C
Shelf Life 12 months

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