Lab-Aid® 824 Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Lab-Aid® 824 Nucleic Acid Extraction System

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The Lab-Aid 824 Nucleic Acid Extraction System (supporting reagents: Lab-Aid® 824 DNA Extraction Kit) is a high-performance instrument that enable automated, fast, reliable isolation and purification of
high-quality nucleic acids for up to 24 samples per run(the sample size can be 1 to 24 for each run). The whole extraction
process is controlled by the software with rapic prcedure which can free-up your time for more interesting tasks.
The system is intended for in vitro diagnostic use which provides high quality nucleic acid sutable for direct use in
downstream application, such as amplification or other enzymatic reactions.


  • Stable, repeatable extraction result
  • Automated operation prevents deviation caused by manual methods
  • Easy to use and train
  • Deal with samples with big volume (reach to 2000 μl)
  • High purity by using 10-tupe strips
  • Pre-loaded reagent: easy to open and perform the tests
  • Control the cross contamination effectively

Intended Use:
 1) CFDA approved in China for clinical use
2) CE marked for IVD use in Europe

Applicable sample types: blood, cultured cells, tissue, FFPE, mouse tails, yeast, bacteria, plan, serum, virus, etc.

Capacity: up to 24 samples.

Sample volume: 1 μL-2000μL。

Extracction method: automation magnetic beads based method.

Heating system: temperature control module at the lysis and elution postion.

Sterilization: UV

Processing time: from 20 to 40 min, depending on the program used.

Collection yield of the magnetic beads:>95%.

Power: AC 110-240V, 50/60 HZ.

Operating temperature: 10℃-40 ℃。

Relative humidity: ≤80%

Dimension (length/wideness/depth): 550mmx40mmx450mm.

Weight: 40kg.


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