Zeesan Biotech’s full range of COVID-19 products receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization and CE approval to help fight against the Novel Coronavirus disease

As of July 31st, 17,727,893 people globally have been infected by the novel coronavirus, more than 200 thousand new cases are indentified each day. Compare to July 30th, 67,789 new cases in the United States, 57,837 new cases in Brazil, 56,799 new cases in India and 5,468 new cases in Russia. The best solution to control the spread of novel coronavirus is to screen, isolate the suspected cases and provide the treatment in the first time. Currently, Nucleic acid-based test is the most important solution to detect the novel coronavirus.


Established in 2010, with a mission of “For Life We Care”, Xiamen Zeesan Biotech Co., LTD. focused on the development and production of molecular diagnostic reagents and instruments. Zeesan Biotech is committed to develop and provide the complete solution to fight against with Novel Coronavirus disease. Currently, the full range of COVID-19 products (sample collection, extraction and detection) receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization and CE approval.


1) Saliva RNA Sample Collection Kit

  • Subjects can sample themselves to reduce the risk of infection of the sampler.
  • More convenient operation to avoid the uncomfortable reaction caused by swab sampling to the subjects.
  • More suitable for children and special groups with cognitive and behavioral disorders.


2) Lab-Aid 824s Nucleic Acid Extraction System

  • Automated viral RNA extraction based on patented magnetic bead.
  • 1~24 samples in 20 minutes.


3) SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit (Real-time PCR)

  • Both liquid and dry version is available.
  • Pre-packed and ready to use dry reagent can be transported at room temperature.
  • Reliable and highly efficient.


About Zeesan Biotech
Xiamen Zeesan Biotech Co., Ltd. is an ISO 13485:2003-certified manufacturer specialized in providing an integrated solution for personalized medicine, including molecular diagnostic instruments, reagents, and consumable materials. Zeesan products are widely used in medical diagnosis for treatment of tuberculosis, leukemia, cervical cancer, and so on. More than 40 products have got NMPA approval and over 20 products are CE marked for clinical IVD use in Europe. Zeesan products are used in moer than 30 countries now.

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