[News] Sinovation Ventures Has Invested Tens of Millions of Dollars In Zeesan to Help It Take Off In Multiple IVD Subdivisions


Established in June 2010, Zeesan is an innovative company with the underlying PCR technology. It has established “Multicolor Melting Curve Analysis”, “Magnetic Bead (MB)-based Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform” and “Automatic Instrumentation Integration Platform”. They have filled the gaps in many domestic PCR subdivision tracks.

In view of the blowout development of the domestic IVD industry with the COVID-19 pandemic and the unique technology and innovation capabilities of Zeesan, the decision to invest in Zeesan by the Sinovation Ventures will undoubtedly increase the investment layout of the Sinovation Ventures in IVD. It will also help Zeesan take off in multiple IVD subdivision.

In the PCR field, the development of a new multiplex fluorescent PCR multi-target detection system to increase the detection capacity and throughput of fluorescent PCR is a key direction for future PCR technology development, providing fast and efficient detection tools for compound gene detection. Multi-target nucleic acid detection is the unique advantage of Zeesan in the field of molecular diagnostics. Zeesan’s multicolor melting curve analysis detection platform can increase the number of detection targets of conventional fluorescent PCR by 10-12 times and can be applied to complex Ultra-multi-target fluorescent PCR detection of complex syndrome.


At present, Zeesan has successfully commercialized a number of molecular diagnostic products on the multicolor melting curve analysis detection platform.

It is worth mentioning that Zeesan’s HPV detection kits, which pioneered a single tube for genotyping 14 high-risk types, has achieved rapid and accurate detection for 14 high-risk types HPV. Currently, Zeesan, covering more types of HPV genotyping products, are also under development.


Professor Qingge Li said: “Since its establishment, Zeesan has been committed to deep cultivation of technology and committed to meeting clinical needs. In the future, Zeesan will further utilize its technological advantages to deploy the molecular diagnosis of complex diseases, such as respiratory infections, gastrointestinal tract infections, sepsis, encephalitis, etc.”

In addition to multi-target detection, another major development direction of PCR technology is the development of fully automated and integrated detection devices. In the past, manual operations were mostly used in PCR labs, and integrated PCR can achieve more efficient molecular diagnosis. In the trend of PCR automation, Zeesan also has a layout. Zeesan’s automatic molecular diagnostic integrated device Sanity2.0 will soon pass the priority review of NMPA to obtain the Classification III medical device registration certificate. Sanity 2.0 will provide a one-click automatic rapid molecular detection platform for various diseases in China’s primary medical institutions and overseas underdeveloped countries (regions) and solve the precision medical problems of them.


As a leading molecular diagnostic company domestically, Zeesan  has always adhered to the close integration of industrialization and scientific research, transforming the latest molecular diagnostic technology into clinically demanded products, and serving the control and prevention of infectious diseases and precise diagnosis of major diseases. In the future, Zeesan will continue to accelerate the industrialization of cutting-edge technologies and fully promote the development of precision medicine.


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