MEDLAB 2017 Show

On dated 6-9 February, Zeesan Biotech attended the No.1 medical laboratory exhibition (MEDLAB 2017) at Dubai, showing casing with wide range of molecular diagnostic products.

We presented/exhibited our products line, especially focused on its integrated system for gene detection associated with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Leukemia, and Pharmacogenomics. During the exhibition, Zeesan Biotech has attracted customers’ attention by its state-of-the-art technology and over one hundred customers visited our booth.


About MedLab
The MEDLAB Middle East flagship event has established itself as one of the largest laboratory exhibitions in the world and has the largest number of conference delegates globally. Expanding at a mammoth rate, MEDLAB Middle East launched in 2017 as a standalone event, housing more than 700 exhibitors dedicated to sharing the most recent technology available in the IVD-, and medical laboratory market. MEDLAB2107 brings together leading laboratory experts, scientists, biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and clinicians to exchange and share their experiences. This event showcases product from Molecular diagnostics, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Research & Development, Scientific Instruments industries.


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